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  • Siegfried Besemer - Germany

    Geniales Ding, ich habe beste Erfahrung damit gemacht
    Ich habe insges. 5stk davon

  • Jacques Desvergnes - France

    il manque l'etancheite jusqu"a 60 metres. vous feriez fortune avec les plongeurs sous marins. personellement j'en prendrais deja deux.

  • Hank G. - USA

    One of the things I enjoy is using a monocular or a pair of binoculars to look at distant objects, whether I am birdwatching, looking at a mountain feature or stargazing. I was very interested in trying out this spotting scope and seeing how well it would improve my ability to see things in the distance and I have been more than pleased with it. It works very well and it is a very simple to use and understand device.
    This is a sealed and nicely waterproofed scope, covered in a smooth no-slip coating. It has a cap on either end to protect the lenses and it is comes in a cool nylon bag that keeps it free from dust and water whenyou are not using it. Overall, it is a nicely packaged scope. It comes with a small but very sturdy tripod. It is suitable for use when on the ground or when the scope is on a desk or by the window. If you want, you can mounted it to photography tripod.

  • Brendon K. – USA

    We have used this scope so far to spy on birds, and to take looks at the moon. It feels very sturdy without being too heavy to carry on a trail to a bird blind. The images are very crisp, clear and bright especially if you are not zoomed in all the way. Once you start to zoom, it does get a little less crisp, but nonetheless, it still is a very clear image of whatever critter you are trying to watch. I would buy one of these again. I would have expected that I would have to pay a lot more money for something of this quality.

  • Jean De Pierre – France

    Prix parfait/cadre à bien qualité

  • Jeffery Bruin – Germany

    Hohe Performanz und Widerstandsfähig. Alles was ich suche ist vorhanden. Ich werde es ein lebenslang nutzen.

  • Pieter Peereboom – Germany

    Ich hatte es als Geschenk für einen Freund bestellt, der gerne Naturaktivitäten macht. Ich wollte das Produkt mal probieren bevor ich es verschenke. Mein Freund hatte vor 2 Wochen Geburtstag und er ist über sein neues Pullover sehr glücklich.

  • Thomas H. - UK

    Superb optics, easy to use, easy to focus. At 100m I can clearly see 30-06 bullet holes in the target which is what I wanted.

  • Rehmat Khattak - UAE

    I really like it. Thanks Heider.

9 Item(s)

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