heider zoom x5
$ 907 $ 499  VAT included
heider zoom x5 bak4
heider zoom x5 solid body

The body of Heider Pro Zoom X5 is made of strong
rubber ABS material with military standards. Its durable
metal interior plating provides complete protection in all
circumstances. The nitrogen gas filled body that prevents
moisture build-up in rain, snow and wet conditions is completely waterproof.

heider zoomx5 high magnification power

High zoom performance

With the stepless lens, magnification can be adjusted as desired from 25X to 75X. 75X magnification means that, an object at 5000 meters will be observed as near as 66 meters with naked eye.

heider zoomx5 prism

The awesome power of BAK-4 porro prism glasses

Heider Pro Zoom X5 Land & Sky Scope is designed for observers and hunters who want superior quality and an economic telescope at the same time. This Land & Sky Land & Sky Scope allows viewing of long distances, which are important for users, with much more detail. With its multi-plating, 100 mm lens and BAK-4 optical properties, the Heider Pro Zoom X5 Land & Sky Scope can focus far during low evening light, and you can obtain a clear view despite low light sources.

Get in touch with Nature’s Magic!

Nature, generously offers us its magic, sometimes we witness this magic with a sunset or through a bird’s song. Heider Pro Zoom X5 provides you to observe these magical moments with an extreme clarity and brightness. Heider Pro Zoom X5 will help you catch the best scenes of nature with its quick focusing mechanism. With its military green&black body plating, Heider Pro Zoom X5 adapts to the nature easily so you keep observing without being noticed.

We inspired by the challenges of nature and brought you the nature itself.

heider zoomx5 for hunters
heider zoomx5 telescope
heider zoomx5 camera adaptor

Discover and take photographs at
the same time

You can mount your digital camera into Heider Pro Zoom X5 Land & Sky Scope with the help of Heider TA01 Camera Adapter and take perfect pictures. (Heider TA01 Camera Adapter is sold separately.)

heider zoomx5 stylish design

Compact and stylish design

Functional structure, fully rotating tripod port, allows the user to observe without changing his/her position. It allows seeing the targets with full perspective for perfect imaging in several nature sports.

heider zoomx5 metal body
heider zoomx5 crown prizma
heider zoomx5 sage areas
$ 907 $ 499  VAT included

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heider zoomx5 technical
Astronomy, Birding, Nature Watching, Hunting, Sports, Sailing
Magnification 25-75x
Objective Diameter(mm) 100 mm
Prism Type BaK-4
Eyepiece Diameter(mm) 27mm
Dusk factor 87
Lens Coating FMC (Full-multi coating)
Close Distance(m) 5m
Eye relief(mm) 21mm-15mm
Diopter Adjustment -4D-+4D
Waterproof Yes
Fog proof Yes
Coating Material Rubber ABS
Color Military Green & Black
Dimensions of Product 510 X 130 X 210 mm
Net Weight (Expect acce.) 2450g
Design Heider Europe
Heider Pro Zoom X5 Land & Sky Scope
Tripod (Leg) Included
Special Adjustable Cover
Lens Cleaning Towel
User’s Manual

Heider TA01 Universal Metal Land & Sky Scope Camera Adapter (can be used with digital cameras and smart phones)

Famous Heider Quality!

Heider Universal Metal Camera Adapter can be used with many telescopes and Land & Sky Scopes. Connect your smart phone or digital compact camera to Heider Pro Zoom X5 Land & Sky Scope with TA01 Camera Adapter and take excellent photos.

Very easy to install and disassemble!

Heider TA01 camera adapter allows you to shoot digitally with compact digital cameras and smart phones. Durable rubber lens coating protects the lens from corruption and all kinds of external factors such as scratches. Thanks to the connection support you can capture high-quality images without breaking the harmony of camera and lens. Whether your goal is hunting or nature photography, it will take great pictures thanks to its magnificent quality. Take and use this unique and practical product with you everywhere!

Material :Metal
Color : Black
Weight : 296 g
Hard lens diameter : 28mm-62mm
Adjustable transverse length : 0-78mm
Adjustable height : 0-38mm
Length : 155mm
Package Contents:
1 x Heider TA01 Universal Metal Land & Sky Scope Camera Adapter
1 x Phone clip